Exercise is the healthy way of living and planning to work out on a regular basis is important. This means the regular bras are not enough to hold your bust and provide the needed support while working out. Only Sports Bras can save your breasts and keep them in place but finding the right sports bra can be difficult. There are plenty of styles available for every bust size. You only have to find the perfect sports bra and make it part of your daily exercise outfit.

Choosing your Sports Bra

Size & Style

Sports bras are different from normal bras. Don’t freak out if your regular size measurements, doesn’t match your sports bra. They are supposed to give more snug and pose tight as compared to regular bras. The sign that it’s not your size is, it tugging into your skin or feels too constricting.


Wearing the right size is more important and there are different styles available. Ranging from Padded, Racerback, to Underwired Sports bras. Choose your Bra matching your workout style; in case of heavy workouts, racer back model might work well for you. Or if you require an offer of extra support then an underwired one may work the best for you.


Fabric & Skin Type

While working out if your skin cracks out or gets chaffed, then choose Seamless Sports Bras. Also, choose a fine fabric that does not cause much friction to your skin. However, another important point to retain while choosing a bra is to look for fine fabric.


Some fabrics have a wonderful ability to pull out moisture from your skin and release it outside for evaporation. The first thought is cotton bras! It may absorb all the sweat but the material doesn’t allow the moisture evaporate, thus leaving the bra wet. Nowadays, most Power Sports Outfits are made from Synthetic Fibers that have outstanding moisture wicking abilities.


Chest size & Replacement

Choosing a Sports Bra according to your chest is equally important. Compression Bras are apt for women with Small Chest as it holds the breasts more intact. Whereas, Encapsulated Bras look more like normal t-shirt bras but have separate cups to provide more support and are ideal for Big Chest.


A Sports Bra’s main purpose is to provide support during movement. So the elasticity gets reduced more when you use it on a daily basis. Therefore, it is only ideal to replace your Sports Bra at least every six months.

It is significant to be equipped with the right sports bra for your workout or even simple stretches. If you already own a sports bra, look How to Style in them. See to these checks to choose and don in a sports bra.