Every woman carries her gleaming armor in the form of fine lines and scars that, over the course of time, become a part of her existence.  Commonly called the stretch marks, breakage of collagen bonds on the skin is what causes this condition to occur. There are times when puberty, weight gain, pregnancy, genetics, and cosmetic surgeries make the skin expand beyond its natural elasticity, leading to the stretch of tissues in one of these areas including breasts, hips, and thighs.

Stretch marks are completely natural and are acquired by most women during several stages as mentioned above. While these fade away with time, a lot of us still wonder if there could be some miracle cream that could simply make them vanish. Of course, those organic oils and lotions are worth the money, yet, have you ever given a thought of what difference your bras could make in helping you deal with the situation?


Stretch marks are quite common during puberty as hormonal changes kick in and breast tissues tend to develop, making the skin to expand. Research tells that beginning the bra journey is most appropriate during this period of stepping into womanhood. As mentioned earlier, though these everlasting scars are a life-long affair, a good teenage bra could do wonders in terms of how your breasts could come out of the sag game.


While obesity is never a healthy sign, weight gain, in general, makes the skin to expand. A supportive intimate with proportionate cups, secured padding, stable underwires, and side encircles is a great idea to implement to avoid the loosening of breast tissues, which is what a plus size bra exactly does.



Pregnancy and childbirth is never an easy affair; especially, when it comes to all the changes a woman’s body tends to undergo during this sweet yet tiring period. Rapid growth and heaviness of the breasts are totally inevitable and needs special attention in the form of maternity and nursing bras. These not only save your lactating breasts from stretch marks but also offer a sense of comfort all day long.

Cosmetic surgeries 

Going under the knife sounds like a disastrous nightmare, but, some of us still choose to do it because of its beauty benefits. Stretch marks that happen to be visible because of cosmetic surgeries are often irreversible as your tissues are no more natural. But, of course, choosing the right bra will make a lot of changes to the way you feel inside and out.

Apart from investing in a bra that matters, keeping your body well hydrated will ensure the scars fade away a lot sooner than expected. Similarly, foods rich in anti-oxidants work the best towards healing any kind of marks on the skin.