Choosing the right bra for a small-busted woman can be a nightmare. Going braless is the current trend among fashionistas, but you know what? Every woman needs breast support. Just because they are small doesn’t mean they don’t sag. You might lose elasticity of tissues if they are not well supported no matter what size you are.

Bra reshapes the bust, enhances your figure and also helps add volume. But women find it difficult to find the right bra size as most of the lingerie stores do not offer all bra sizes.

Size of your breast isn’t something that is in your control, what you can control however is the way you shop for your size, so here’s the guide,

Demi cup bras

It is a challenging task for a small breasted woman to achieve cleavage; in that case, demi cup bras are a good choice. This bra creates an upward push to enhance the breasts to look fuller and attractive. You can pair it with tops that have low-cut necklines so that you can show off your cleavage.

Try going up a cup size

You can try going up a cup size but make sure you check the fit of the bra that it should be resting comfortably on your body. The drawback of this trick is that you will find a gap between the cups and breasts. If you are getting that annoying gap, it could mean either your cup size is too small or your band size is too big which is not the right standard to wear a bra.

Explore different styles and see what works best for you.

Opt for Heavily padded bras

An alternative to the above trick is to use heavily padded bras. A heavily padded bra can make your busts fuller and enhance your bust line. Wearing a padded bra gives a well-contoured look to your busts.


Choose the right size pushup bra

There is a misconception that pushup bra makes smaller breasts look larger.  In reality, they provide more support and comfort than other bras.

But Push up bras in smaller cup size looks abnormal when you wear it because breasts of the smaller size can stay in place without the help of a push-up bra.

Sports bra- A Must-have!

Breasts that have no support during workouts can cause pain.No matter how small you are you always need a sports bra.  Sports bras are also great alternatives to regular bras which can be worn even when you’re not exercising.

Use Nipples tapes

Women with small breasts who feel comfortable with no bra on can opt for nipple pasties. It offers nipple coverage which women are most concerned about and is great for outfits with plunging necklines.