Being sexy, stylish, and trendy are Susie’s definition of lingerie. If you’re a fan of printed lingerie, Susie offers you a wide variety of prints; be it abstract or floral. Every product is tailored with much care to provide the best fit and comfort.


Buy 3 for 999

Buy 3 for 999


  • Bra types available under this collection include Everyday, Bridal, Moulded, Plus size, Push up, T-shirt
  • Specialize in providing different bra coverages such as 3/4th, Demi, and Full coverage
  • Price ranges between ₹299,₹599 and above₹600
  • Bra cup varieties include 3part cup, Diagonal seam, Encircle seam, Part seam, Seamless, Transverse seam, Vertical seam
  • Comes with both underwired and wire-free bra options
  • Padded as well as unpadded bras are available
  • Susie’s Push Up bras are comprised of Level-1 padding
  • Bras made up of finest fabrics that include Cotton, Denim, Lace, Mesh, Nylon, Polyamide and Spandex
  • Comes with Back-Closure feature in its bra varieties
  • Current Offers: Buy 3 for 999


Looking for a trendy, modern and sexy bra? SHYAWAY could be your perfect option.  The comfort and support these humble, elegant and economical bras offer is tremendous. It comes with exclusive and ravishing prints such as floral prints, polka dot, bohemian prints from Shyaway.  They are very pretty with laser cut precision and ultra smooth finish. An added advantage is that they adorn you with multiway straps that you can enjoy different styling.

Buy 3 for 999

Buy 3 for 999

Bra types available under this collection include molded, Push-up, T-Shirt, Sports

  • Has 3/4th, Demi and full coverage bras
  • Price ranges from₹299,₹600and above
  • Underwired, wire-free cups
  • 3/4th, Demi and full coverage bras available
  • Seamless cups
  • Padded and removable padding
  • Push-up Level- Level1
  • Made up for nylon, polyester, spandex fabric
  • Back closure bras and slip on types
  • Different types of straps available such as Detachable, Fully adjustable, Multiway, Non-adjustable
  • Running offers Buy 2 for 1049, Flat 20, Buy 3 for 999


Shyle is Shyaway’s home brand and it offers the best of the best lingerie.  The sui generis lingerie catalog is put together with much thought and craft. With a beautiful and generous touch of elegance and trend that directly speaks to the women of this generation.


Buy 3 for 999

Buy 3 for 999
  • Available types are beginners, Bralette, Bridal, Cage, Cami, Everyday, Front open, Moulded, Nursing, Plus size, Push-up, Sports, Stick-on, Strapless, T-Shirt, Tube Bra
  • 3/4th coverage, Demi coverage, Full coverage bras available
  • Has a wide price ranges catering to all your needs starting from₹299 to ₹1200 and above.
  • Variety of cup designs such as the 3Part cup, Diagonal seam, Part seam, Seamless, Side sling, Transverse seam, Vertical seam are there
  • Both Underwire and wire-free bras available
  • Padded, Removable padding, Unpadded bras are there
  • A wide variety of fabrics used to serve a different purpose. Eg., Cotton, Lace, Mesh, Nylon, Polyamide, Polyester, Satin, Spandex
  • Back closure, Front closure, Side closure, Slip-on types are there
  • Straps-Back adjustable, Detachable, Front adjustable, Fully adjustable, Multiway, Non-adjustable, Strap-free
  • Current offers- Buy two for 1499, Buy 2 for 1049, Buy2 for 1299, Buy 3 for 999


Are you in search of stylish and fitting bras to wear under your office or college outfits? Then get on with our Liberty T-shirt bra for a perfect outlook. The cups are seamless as they help give you a perfectly smooth silhouette under your summer vest tops and T-shirts.


Buy 3 for 999

Buy 3 for 999
  • Available types are Everyday, Moulded, Nursing, Sports, T-shirt
  • Provide 3/4th coverage, Demi and Full coverage bras
  • Price ranges from ₹300,₹600,₹900 and above
  • Different cup options available as Diagonal seam, Part seam, Seamless, Vertical seam
  • Both underwire and wire-free bras are available
  • Padded and unpadded bras
  • Made up of cotton, polyamide, spandex
  • Back closure, Side closure, Slip-on bras
  • Straps-Back adjustable, Detachable, Fully adjustable, Multiway, Non-adjustable
  • Offers running- Buy 2 for 1299, Buy 3 for 999


Looking for that perfect deep neck bra to wear under your sari blouse or the padded bra for the flimsy clingy dress/top for your date? Get some unique bras from this classy luxury brand to quench your lingerie thirst.


  • Available types are Bridal, Everyday, Moulded, T-Shirt
  • Coverage comes as 3/4th Coverage, Demi coverage, Full coverage
  • Price ranges from₹300,₹600,₹900 and above
  • Part seam, Seamless, transverse seam cups are there
  • Underwired and Wirefree both available
  • Both padded and unpadded bra available
  • Made up of finest fabrics of Cotton, Lace, Polyamide, Spandex
  • Back closure bras
  • Back adjustable, Detachable, Fully adjustable, Multiway


It’s very important to feel comfortable while doing some work at home and there’s nothing more comfortable than a Sonari everyday bra. While going to work, a Sonari full coverage bra gives a very comfortable and cozy fit.

  • Available types are Everyday bra, Front open, Nursing, T-shirt bras
  • Demi and full coverage bras available
  • Price ranges from₹299 and above
  • Cups have different kind of seams like Diagonal seam, Horizontal seam, Seamless, Transverse seam
  • Offers Wirefree bras
  • Unpadded bras
  • Made up of comfy soft cotton and spandex
  • Back and front closures available
  • Straps are detachable, fully adjustable and multiway
  • Offers going on currently-Buy 3 for 999


Unwind yourself with the ultimate comfort of Laavian fashion bras. These bras are crafted with soft luxurious cotton and spandex fabric that enables skin to breathe and gives great flexibility.


Buy 3 for 999

  • Available types are Beginners, Everyday, Front open, Moulded, Nursing, Sports, Strapless, T-shirt
  • comes in 3/4th coverage, Demi coverage, Full coverage
  • Price ranges from₹299,₹300-₹599,₹600 and above
  • Cups available 3part cup, Diagonal seam, Seamless
  • Underwired, Wirefree
  • Padded, Removable padding, unpadded
  • Cotton, Spandex used for ultimate comfort
  • Back closure, Front closure, Slip-on
  • Different types of straps like Back Adjustable, Detachable, Fully adjustable, Multi-way, Non-adjustable, Strap-free are available
  • Running offers- Buy 3 for 999