How lingerie makes you feel good?

Do you know wearing lingerie will not only lift your body but also your mind?  Apart from giving comfort, support, posture, attraction and building the appearance of your ensemble lingerie serves as the best remedy for stress.  According to science, whatever gives you extreme pleasure makes your body produce happy hormones and remove the harmful free radicals from your bloodstream and in turn, helps you stay healthy.  If lingerie shopping and wearing luxury lingerie boost your confidence and uplift your mood you should do it often.

Lingerie a mood enhancer?

Lingerie is your first intimate partner.  It gives the necessary pressure against the skin as a hug to energize your spirit.  The texture and feel of the fabric against the body, elevate the mood and reduce stress and nervousness.  It makes you look and feel good.  The soothing prints on the fabric calm your mind.  It will help you relax and make you forget about your worries. Just like how your mind responds while eating ice cream or while enjoying a drizzle of rain lingerie elevates your glee hormones. When you pick your innerwear next time, know that it’s not only about fit, size, and appearance, but also you are going to purchase yourself a mood enhancer. That’s why at Shyaway we carefully take these things into consideration and put the best products on display.

What is special about shyaway lingerie?

Just like this net adorned racerback tank top which sits as a pretty tattoo from the nape of your neck is a sure thing to flaunt and feel proud.  The baby doll with the daffodil print made up of exceptional fabric will make you feel cheery and optimistic.


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Green and black gradient print tights to give you comfort and tranquility.  The serene white camisole is capable of making you feel extremely pleased about your shape.


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By wearing fine lingerie you feel more feminine and mindless about your worries which will improve your health.  A soft and comfy panty made of fine fabric that hugs you the right amount is able to make you forget about the menstrual cramps and put you into a good sleep.


Buy 3 for 499

Buy 3 for 499


Lingerie can make your day special

You will feel empowered, sexy and confident in a charming, well-constructed bra.  Wearing pretty bras make you feel content about your body and give peacefulness.

Even a shy person who lacks the self-confidence is able to project herself as a self-assured and outgoing extrovert because of adorable and supportive undergarments.  Lingerie makes you feel good everything about you.  Shopping for lingerie is a good treat to yourself and it reassures your vigor, poise, and peacefulness.