Have you ever thought why pushup bras are most often being labeled fake? Right from comparing it with a mere bag of chips to posting ridiculous memes, pushup bras have gone through a lot. Why does it have to always be the core of the blame game? Here comes Susie to break the stereotyping with its newest collection of push-up bras that combines the promised shape with a  whole lot of naturalism. Yes, your pushup bras could be both realistic and at the same time overwhelming.


Susie’s idea of naturalism in no way barriers the intended lift and support that these bras offer. The angular padding that these push-up bras are crafted with gently pushes the breasts together for a dramatic cleavage yet retaining some unadulterated innocence. Moreover, the intact underwires will make sure you cherish a fuller bust line without actually having to go under the knife.


A boon to figure-hugging clothes, Susie’s satin-neckline push-up bra is your shaping savior. The cups are molded in such a way as to serve you with impressive contouring. Apart from doing a great job with V-neck Tees, these stellar bras complement scooped-neck outfits as well. All hail to the finely-sewn seams that make all the difference to your busts’ silhouette.


Susie balances the art of producing bras that are fancy yet functional. The double padded push-up bras are one such inclusion where the double foaming takes complete care of sagging and loosened breast tissues. Not only does this attribute offer a fuller bust line but also supports the breasts right from the root. These bras also have all the potential to deal with asymmetric busts when one boob is smaller than the other. Isn’t that a win-win deal?


Susie strongly believes in the concept of comfortable bras. A bra that is affluently embellished or one that holds infinite functionalities is of no use when the wearer is least comfortable. For this very reason, Susie’s push-up bras, in spite of being decorated with elaborate lace scallops, sit at ease causing no annoyance. Every detailing including the padding, underwires, and embellishments are crafted in such a way as to make the wearer feel at bliss.


C’mon now, there’s no way you can call push-up bras outdated. Susie has made it a point to add a new-age edge to every intimate under the label and here we are with the most commanding bras of the season. The Denim printed fabric and the French lace detailing that has gone into the making of these bras make it more than just a regular dailywear.

Listen no more to judgemental comments; it’s time you cherish that push-up bra of yours with a head-raised-high attitude and walk down the road like you own it!