Festival season is here, along with weddings. Nothing can be more exciting than this season of the year. This also means lots of fun, gifts and more! Are you a Newlywed or Groom-to-be? Then better get ready for an exciting adventure of wedding intimates. With a number of celebrations like X-mas, New year, Harvest time and much more coming up, there is a lot of excuse to spree your lady with gifts. If that gift is a Super Hot Lingerie, imagine the smiles you put on her face!

Checklist Before Buying

Before getting a lingerie as a gift, there are few factors to be checked and considered.

Her Size

Be very smart about this! The wrong size is a big no no!! To find that out you can very well text her friends and ask them for help. But beware, one of them might let your mission in vain. Or, next time you’re very close, why not take note of her bra size? If all these fail, take her for shopping and take note of her top size, then match it with the lingerie.

Her Style


Now, this is something very significant. You need to try and understand the choices of her lingerie which will include the pattern, color, and fabric. Hear out for her favorite colors and patterns in general or look what is her clothing choice. Try and match that, if not that a bit of Black and Red will never fail your side. In regards to fabric lace, mesh and satin are all-time goal scorers.


The Purchase Phase

After knowing the size and style of your partner, you need to make a purchase. As all of us are aware, there are only two means of purchase, Store, and Online.

Now before making a purchase, you should know to pick choose the right size. Though you will know her size in a few attempts the basic understanding of bra is simple. Band and cups; the band size is the number you saw example 30,32,34… to any size and cup size is A, B, C…… DDD or E. Now these two combined will be her bra size. So if you are walking into the store, look for the right size in the preferred fabric. If you are still doubtful about how to figure the size out, check here to Understand a Bra.

Ordering the Lingerie

It is understandable if you don’t want to step inside a lingerie store and make a purchase. You can switch to an online order! And you can make your purchase from the best lingerie store online. The same check of band and cup size applies example 34C or 36B and so on for an online order as well. Just make sure to tick the right boxes while ordering online.

Fortunately, the great thing with ordering online is that you can see what you’re getting, from anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the exact terms of the products, you can browse through happily until you see something you like. It’s an entirely different experience when it comes home shipped like the gift box, just like the way you need.


Meanwhile, if you are the duo who openly flip through apps together, you can find a thread to her linking. Also, if you caught hold of any specific color she wears it is better to avoid particular one and look for other options. Finally, you could just compliment her on whatever she is wearing and get the exact words as a clue. This will certainly be the safest bet.