Bralettes are just too cute to be hidden under those clothes. They are something supremely stylish, chic and definitely deserve to be shown off.

Okay, so what are bralettes actually? Well, they are a fusion of bra and a crop top. They are usually shorter than a crop top and are incredibly functional as well. Today’s bralettes can make the perfect addition to any outfit.

From lovely lace designs to minimal styles, this simple piece of lingerie can add a fresh vibe to any of your outfits and gives an ultra-modern look.

They are the next big thing fashion, style influencers like Kendall Jenner and Rihanna are already rocking this look. If you want to style like them simply read on to find out how to wear a bralette like a pro;

With High-waisted bottoms

High waisted jeans and shorts are something very tricky because long tops cannot bring out the fashion statement of them. In that case, you need to upgrade to a bralette, they can really spruce up the hotness of a high waisted bottom which also tends to suit all body types.

Under Sheer top

Wondering how to wear a sheer top that shows off your ordinary bra? that’s where bralette becomes your savior. Camis and sports bras are old school. You can either experiment with funky neon or a lace bralette that elevates your sheer top

Under Low-neck tees

Are you someone who’s wasting a cute tee just because of its deep neckline? You no more have an excuse now! Wear a bralette under the top and let a little bit peek through of it. This gives a sexy outline to your basic neckline and also helps you cover some skin.

With jacket

Style a bralette with a  jacket and you are already a fashionista. you could either try denim or an ordinary jacket. To nail this combination, try choosing a lace bralette with a little more coverage. Pair it with stilettos and you are ready to go.

Under Low back tops

Most of us are usually not comfortable with the idea of a stick on bra when it comes to low back tops or dresses yet we end up buying one. Here’s the workaround for you, wear a bralette which adds edgy vibes to your basic outfit. It’s a pretty way to show off some skin without sacrificing our comfort and by not leaving a regular bra fully visible.

Now, who says that you should wear your bra hidden?

Show it off, Gal!