All are surely familiar with the word “underwires” in bras. If not we are happy to help you to know what are underwires. An underwire is a thin, semi-circular strip of rigid material fitted inside the brassiere fabric. However, the wire may be made of metal, plastic, or resin. Now, have you ever wondered what the different types of underwires in underwire bras are?

Types of Underwires

Mono underwire

It is also called Domino wires and can be fully rigid or have a bendable silicone joint. Mono wires just like its name made of single wire that gives a Heart Shape Padding. These are mostly to provide an appearance, rather than a practical benefit and are difficult pattern to cut for!


Titanium Memory-Wire

The underwire is made of Nickel-Titanium Metal. The Memory wire tends back to its shape even if its squished. This underwire is handy for many types of Bras as it can be mended in great shape.



Over-wires and Separators

To obtain a firm and chic look in deep necklines Separators are used in bras with B, V and C necks. Meanwhile, these are used to create a firm look and have a technical function. Separators go in between; over-wires go above the breast as a design aspect; though their use can affect bra fit.

3D wires

Creating 3D wires are becoming the need of the day and modern wires are curved towards one direction only. Whereas, some studies are done to create a 3D underwire in theory; stating it should be more comfortable to wear. Although the curved shaping idea was in use by 1950s via over wires and Vintage French Mono underwires, it seems we need to get back to basics for future.

The 4 types of underwires mentioned are used in few bras. If you are thinking of getting an underwired bra, check out best-underwired bras for all types of breasts. Now, as you know about different underwire types you can buy your perfect Bra like a pro.