Well, without much ado, here comes the most sensational lingerie offer of the season.

As exciting as it sounds, we definitely wouldn’t leave you hanging to wonder what actually the offer might club. So, we thought an elaborate display of the types of intimates under this deal will be fair enough.


Get over the boredom of those plain old blacks, whites, and nudes! Don’t you think the New Year deserves something more vibrant and happening? Begin your bra journey with a flavor of tanginess in our quirky prints and super-lively solids. With molded padding and an utterly seamless finish, these are the year’s best investment for just ₹999.

Buy 3 for 999

Buy 3 for 999


OCCASION: Have it hooked at any time of the day. A 24×7 bra that will never let you down no matter what the occasion is. Experiment with newer styles and chirpy necklines coz 2019 calls for a lot more craziness than ever before.


Yes, you read that right! There is no way we’re restricting the offer to just daily wear. With 3 different levels of padding and the finest of fabrics, the pushup bras at Shyaway has all the elements to accentuate your bust line. Above all, would you deny owning them for an incredible deal?



OCCASION: Being absolutely plush and drool-worthy doesn’t stop them from making their way into our offer. The impeccable lift and support of these super-creative bras can now be owned with a mere ₹999. Hold back no more to experiment with bras that scream loud on attitude.


Before you could conclude that this is absolutely impossible, we are here to reaffirm that the offer includes intricately crafted bridal bras as well. It’s time to break the myths of bridal lingerie being super-expensive. From dangling embellishments to exclusive lace overlays, wedding intimates are something special beyond what words can explain.


OCCASION: Weddings and honeymoon getaways need a lot less funding than before. Why wait when your bras are economical and at the same time effortlessly sexy?


Promisingly innovative in every sense, front-open bras are the era’s most efficient intimates the world badly needs. Bringing the whole concept of fastening to the front, these rank high on utility and purpose. There is no way one could walk past this new-age creation when it is offered for such a mind-blowing deal.


OCCASION: Don this super-sleek bra with plunge necklines and backless dresses. Along with oozing all the glam it ensures, these work great for those who find it hard to clasp a bra at the back.

A deal that holds everything the basics to pure luxury, the 3 for 999 offer is something that we don’t find often. Affordability being the key, every woman deserves to wear the best.